Tuesday, February 24, 2009

True or fiction (terminal length)

Hi everyone sorry for the super late blog! I have been having issues with blogger, not sending my blog out by email and it also deleted the blog that I did yesterday on the Oscars
:( (sigh) what can you do lol.....

Well today I’m gonna blog about that dreaded topic terminal length, I get this question alot, so what is terminal you ask? is it real or just an ugly hair legend?
lol sorry to tell you folks it's very much real. So what is terminal length? it's basically the end of your growth cycle it's when your hair, won't grow any longer the average terminal length time is around mid back length,which is around 3-5 years... some people do stop at bra-strap length.

The way you will be able to tell when that time comes, is that your hair will not be able to grow past a certain length for an entire year, keep in mind that you are doing all the right things,
and haven't changed your regiment dramatically. Most ladies will try their hardest to get out of this hair rurt, but after a year of still being stuck at bsl, they usually then come to the realization that they may have hit their terminal length. So yes this is true the average person white or black usually can not grow waist length hair, unless it's in their genes.

I have seen quite a few black ladies online with gorgeous waist length hair :) so I am not saying that it is impossible, but don't beat your self up if you can not grow past bsl or mbl length. terminal length is strictly determined by genetics, it also varies between the sexes and from one person to another. It is the length of this time that decides how long the hair will grow.

Differences in hair length depend on the length of anagen, which is genetically determined. These two people started off with hair of the same length and went without a haircut for 18 months: the man's hair grows only to his collar before it falls out naturally, but the woman's anagen period is clearly much longer [reproduced from Diseases of the Hair and Scalp, A. Rook and R. Dawber (eds), 2nd edn, Oxford: Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1981]

What lenght are you currently?

Jada pinkett back in the day,
She’s a natural beauty!!
This is her with very short elh(ear length hair)

a model with full (elh)


Riri and Mary rocking full (elh)

model with neck length hair (nlh)

Elise Neal with full neck length hair (nlh)

Serena Williams looks really pretty here,
she is rocking her real hair, and she is brushing
full shoulder length hair!

Gabrielle Union rocking (apl) armpit length hair

some lady with mid back length hair.

Riri looking gorgeous and rocking what has to be a 24inch lace front lol
She is rocking waist length hair in this pic (wlh)

Latoya Luckett rocking a lf as well this hair is also (wlh)

This is called classic fairy tale hair, only a few lucky ladies
will ever see this length, this length is strictly determined by genetics!
I personally don't know, if I could rock hair that long lol it's just too much,
what do you all think?

hair ruler

Well as for me, I want to get to midback length that will be a great length for me,
if my hair wants to grow to my waist, i'll take it lol but no one on my side of the family has waist lenght hair so maybe i can be the 1st lol!

How long do you ladies want your hair to be?
how long is too long for you?

OK before I forget, I wanted to share some of my layouts with my friends on here, this is something I am learning to do, in my spear time, I love it! My girl thought me a lot about graphic art, I went to school for IT but I have never been too artistic, I mainly studied the hardware aspect of computers, how to dignose, fix and give technical support ect.
lol i told ya'll i'm a nerd and i'm proud of it too, i love books and computers.
Well I have always been interested in the other half of IT which is web design and graphic art, So since I have some free time, I am learning a lot more about film editing,website design and graphic art. So I wanted to show you some of my layouts that I put together last night lol
I couldn't sleep. The 1st is riri and c-breezy lol I decided to make this, to show people that no matter how good things look on the outside, you never know what is going on with others internally. The 2nd pic is rihanna emerging from all of this mess, like a butterfly from a cocoon.
I hope Chris emerges a better person as well, i'm praying for them, he truely needs help!

OK The last pic is ya girl t-fizzle!! lol deduces!
stay blessed,

(click on all pic to enlarge)

(click on all pic to enlarge)

I made this design in memory of my husband best friend,
they had been friends since 5th grade, he passed 2-21-09
he will truly be missed.

I made this layout for my girl's aaliyah forum.
she is the biggest aaliyah fan i know :)

me and my girls!

I made this picture for a guy on myspace
who liked my work, he wanted a customed Scarface background.

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color of sunshine said...

I'm going for waist length hair. I'm black,cherokee indian, french and caucasian. I've had long hair all my life. It is insanely kinky and thick.

lol gonna have a job styling it though!

Oh yeah I saw ur video on youtube! u go gurl!!! =D

P.S. below the hip line is too long for me!!